Tuesday September 9th, 2014

Do Now:
List people whose opinion or recommendation you respect. Choose one person from this list and explain why you find this person credible.


List any celebrities that you dislike so much that if you saw them in an ad, it would make you LESS LIKELY to buy that product?

During the following video clip – take notes about establishing ethos in a speech

NEXT – Viewing a speech – The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (Shortened version on Oprah)

Take notes/jot down things they notice or hear that give Pausch credibility + any reactions that you notice from the audience that shows whether they find him credible.

Closing: What gives Pausch’s ethos? Why do you think that his lecture video has been so widely watched? What do you take away from his speech?

EQ: How do we begin the writing process?

Do Now: If you were to write your autobiography today, what would the title be? Explain.

Journal: Choose 1 and write at least 250 words (use word count)

1: Choose an event from your Life Map and write about it, and how it changed/influenced you.

2. Describe in what ways are your beliefs different from your family or your friends or your culture? (This does not have to be religious beliefs – this can be social, political, moral, or other) Choose one to write about.

For example – maybe you may have different beliefs about gun control, gay marriage, violence in movies/video games, health care, marriage, friendship, education, etc.

EQ: What motivates people to write?

Do NOW: What do you think motivates people to write books? You can write this as a list of reasons OR you can write about what would motivate YOU to write a book (and what you might write about).

Activity 1: Watch the following film clip – Afterwards write about what was interesting about this story.

Bryan Stevenson

On Chart Paper – in your current desk groupings – come up with the criteria for “What Makes A Good Story” 1 person should be the recorder, 1 person should be the time-keeper, 1 person should be the presenter, 1 person needs to come up with evidence/examples.

Homework: Write about your favorite story/book/movie/TV show – 125 words minimum
**Describe/Summarize the story briefly (no spoilers)
**Explain why it is your favorite/what you like about it – in as much detail as possible. Try to give REASONS for your opinion, and give examples as EVIDENCE.

For example, One of my favorite TV shows is “The Walking Dead” which shows what life would be like after the zombie apocalypse. It made me think about things like: How would you get food? What would happen to our government? Our technology? I also think the characters are really diverse and complex. For example, Rick has changed a lot since the beginning of the show. His struggles with becoming the leader have been interesting to watch. Carl is also an interesting character because we get to see how this new world has impacted his life. He’s a child but yet he doesn’t live the life of a child. In some ways, he is incredibly mature and in other situations we see how young he really is.

How do we interpret Snow White using the psychoanalytic theory?

Do Now: Copy Vocabulary terms and do an internet search for them. Put the Definitions in your GoogleDoc

1. Oedipal Complex

2. Narcissism

3. Unconscious/Sub-Conscious

Jigsaw Reading of “The Uses of Enchantment” essay on Snow White

Read your assigned part and summarize (bulletpoints) the major ideas into the google.doc titled


Discussion of findings

Exit: 3-2-1 3 “new” ideas you heard today, 2 questions you have (about anything discussed today or about psychology), 1 comment or suggestion for our future explorations.

How do we view something through a critical theory lens?

Do Now: Using your assigned critical theory lens describe what you notice about the image below:

Create a small poster showing an interpretation of “Little Snow White” using your assigned critical theory lens.

A paragraph write up of your interpretation
An image(s) related to your interpretation
Words/Quotes that relate to your interpretation (2)


Annotations on Snow White
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Do Now: We are starting a NEW UNIT! That requires a NEW GOOGLE DOC!

Please title your new google document with:
Your last name + 3MP

For example: Bollaert3MP

Your First Journal Prompt for the new doc:
What does the saying mean “seeing the world through rose colored lenses”? How could lenses change how we see things? Look at the images below and describe what you see.

What other kind of lenses can we look through (literally or metaphorically)?

Essential Question: (Yes, copy this into your google document) How does one view literature through different critical lenses (or theories)?

Look at the images below and see if you can determine what lenses (or theories) may be applied.









Now – You choose a critical theory and see what images YOU can find that you think relate to this theory/lens… Post 3 images into your google document.

A42/43: How do we prepare for Socratic Circles?

Do Now: Write 3 questions for Socratic circles to discuss. Once again, these should be open-ended and higher order thinking.

Activity: Socratic Circles are often conducted around a particular text or section of a text. For example, during our last Socratic we based our discussion around the break-up scene between Hamlet and Ophelia. Now that we have read the entire play, we need to choose a text or scene to form the basis of our discussion.

I have chosen 3 supplementary texts for us to choose from. Each pair will be assigned a text to read, annotate, and write a summary for – this will help us determine which text(s) we will be using next week in our Socratic Circles.

In your summary you must include:
The title and author
A synopsis of the text
Your opinion about whether this text would make a good basis for a Socratic discussion